$8.9 million

Key Dates :

Construction starts Aug 2021. Commissioning Dec 2021

Benefits :

Preserve our pristine regions by exploring renewable energy.

Project overview

Traditionally, remote communities are powered by diesel-generated microgrids. With this project, we’re testing if renewable hydrogen energy can be used to produce baseload power. The power supply for the hydrogen demonstration plant will come from a dedicated solar farm, with the plant expected to generate 526MWh per year, enough power for up to 100 homes.

This project will benefit all regional communities as we research and test the most effective way to move towards 100% renewable energy systems.

    What's happening now

    National support

    We’ve secured funding from ARENA and the WA State Government, including the WA Renewable Hydrogen Fund, to build a renewable hydrogen demonstration plant in Denham.

    What's happening now

    Contract awarded

    We’ve awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to Hybrid Systems Australia.

    What's happening now

    Community info session

    We’ll be hosting a community engagement session on
    25 February 2021 at the Shark Bay Bowling, Sport & Recreation Club, to provide the local community with an opportunity to hear more about the project and ask questions.

    What does this mean for my community?

    Creating Zero-Hydrocarbon Towns
    An important step in offsetting diesel consumption and reducing local carbon emissions.
    Pilot Location for Renewable Tech
    Leveraging local suppliers as Denham becomes a hub for innovative renewables.