$8.9 million

Key Dates :

Construction starts Aug 2021. Commissioning mid-to-late 2022.

Benefits :

Preserve our pristine regions by exploring renewable energy.

Project overview

Traditionally, remote communities are powered by diesel-generated microgrids. With this project, we’re testing if renewable hydrogen energy can be used to produce baseload power. The power supply for the hydrogen demonstration plant will come from a dedicated solar farm, with the plant expected to generate 526MWh per year, enough power for up to 100 homes.

We’ve secured $5.7m funding from the WA State Government and $2.6m from ARENA to build the plant in Denham, but this project will benefit all regional communities as we research and test the most effective way to move towards 100% renewable energy systems.

Find out more about the project in our fact sheets or send us an email.

    What's happening now

    Equipment arrives

    The Denham hydrogen plant’s electrolyser and compressor have landed in Perth and are undergoing testing by our lead contractor, Hybrid Systems Australia. The fuel cell is due to arrive in April.

    The equipment will be shipped to Denham in May in preparation for the plant’s assembly.

    What's happening now

    What's up?

    Despite a few supply chain setbacks, the project is tracking well.

    • The plant’s dedicated solar farm is complete
    • The installation of the power station’s brand new battery energy storage system is under way
    • The electrolysers and fuel cell have arrived for testing in Perth and will be on site in Denham in May
    • We expect the plant to be up and running in mid-July

    What's happening now

    Curious community

    Thank you for joining us at the Shark Bay Bowling, Sport & Rec Club to catch up on the project and share your thoughts, Denham!

    We were incredibly impressed by your level of knowledge and thoughtful questions.

    Remember, our handy FAQ has everything you need to know, but if you’d like to know more, reach our to us at

    What's happening now

    Testing underway

    Our new Denham solar farm has been energised and connected to the network to initiate testing.

    We expect the solar farm and its battery energy storage system (BESS) to be operational by the end of March 2022.

    What's happening now

    Denham wind farm

    The Denham wind farm will still play an important role in providing power to Denham.

    Learn more

    What's happening now

    A game-changer

    Want to know more about how this project fits into Australia’s hydrogen development landscape?

    You can read all about it in Energy Magazine’s article Australia’s first green hydrogen plant in a remote power system

    What's happening now

    Time in the sun

    In mid-2021, Hybrid Systems Australia installed more than 3,000 solar panels at the new Denham solar farms, with each panel weighing in at 30kg.

    One solar farm will supply electricity to the town’s hybrid micro-grid, and the other will power the hydrogen demonstration plant.

    What's happening now

    Breaking ground

    We hit another exciting milestone on this project in mid-June 2021, with our contractors knocking in the first of 570 piles at our solar farm site.

    Our 1,344 kW array will be mounted on these poles over the coming weeks in preparation for powering our hydrogen demonstration plant and contributing to Denham’s grid later in the year.

    What's happening now

    Changeover complete

    On 3 June, we successfully completed the changeover to Denham’s temporary power station without causing any interruption to the town’s power supply.

    This temporary power station powered Denham for three months while we de-energised and upgraded the main power station.

    Reaching this important milestone allowed us to replace aged and unreliable equipment, like the switchboard, fuel system, transformer and control system, and pushed us one step closer to hydrogen plant construction.

    What's happening now

    And we're off!

    Minister MacTiernan turned the first sod at our Denham solar farm site in early May 2021, officially kicking off works for this exciting project.

    Power station upgrades have also begun, with construction of the hydrogen plant due to commence in May 2022.

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    What's happening now

    Community session

    Thanks to everyone who attended our community engagement session on Thursday, 25 March at the Shark Bay Bowling Sport and Recreation Club.

    We were delighted to share the details about this exciting project with you and listen to your comments and concerns.

    Check out our fact sheets for all the guff, or send us your questions.

    What's happening now

    Contract awarded

    We are pleased to be working with our EPC contractor, Hybrid Systems Australia, on this exciting project

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    What's happening now

    National support

    This green hydrogen project has been made possible thanks to funding received from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Advancing Renewables Program and the WA Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Fund.

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    What does this mean for my community?

    Creating Zero-Hydrocarbon Towns
    An important step in offsetting diesel consumption and reducing local carbon emissions.
    Pilot Location for Renewable Tech
    Leveraging local suppliers as Denham becomes a hub for innovative renewables.
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