• Projects in Western Australia

    Let's renew the regions

    We're proud to support and invest in your region. Click on your location to find out more.

      • Gascoyne & Mid West

        • Carnarvon & Exmouth Depot Refurbishments

          We're refurbishing our depots to modernise operations and improve your customer experience.
        • Denham Hydrogen Demonstration Plant

          We're working towards carbon-zero towns by incorporating renewable hydrogen energy into Denham's microgrid.


          • Broome Customer Experience Centre

            We are relocating our contact centre from Melbourne to a new Customer Experience Centre in Broome. Customers are welcome to visit the centre to enjoy interactive self-service facilities and receive energy advice.
          • Derby Solar, Battery & Smart Streetlights

            We're helping Derby Hospital and the Shire of Derby slash energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar PV systems, battery storage systems and smart LED streetlights.
          • East Kimberley Streetlight Replacement

            In addition to improving night-time visibility, energy-efficient smart LED streetlights lights allow us to monitor outages and optimise streetlight performance in real-time, decrease electricity costs for local Shires and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
          • Kununurra Depot Refurbishment

            We're restoring our iconic depot to enhance your experience and improve operations.


            • Aboriginal Community Embedded Networks

              We're taking responsibility for delivering reliable, affordable power to 13 remote Aboriginal Communities.
            • Energy Storage in Regional Towns

              We're investing in battery storage systems to give more people the opportunity to install rooftop solar.
            • Solar Schools

              By installing rooftop solar on schools across the region, we'll reduce their electricity bills by over 27%.
            • Standalone Power Systems

              We're installing up to 50 standalone power systems across the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne and Goldfields-Esperance regions.
            "We consider it a privilege to play an important role in the recovery plan for the Western Australian economy - helping rejuvenate communities for today and for the future. Every dollar we spend will create jobs, upskill existing workforces and build opportunities for local businesses."
            Stephanie Unwin,
            Chief Executive Officer