13 Aboriginal Communities across WA


$3.8 million

Key Dates :

Commencing February 2021

Benefits :

Upgraded electrical infrastructure in remote communities throughout Bell Springs, Emu Creek, Mud Springs, Munthanmar, Koongie Park, Mardiwah Loop, Joy Springs, Gillarong, Karnparrmi, Loanbun, Woodgamia, Buttah Windee, Marmion Village

Project overview

Currently, the overhead and underground electricity infrastructure in these communities isn’t owned or operated by Horizon Power. This project transfers ownership and responsibility to us, so we can provide reliable, affordable power to our state’s remotest communities. It includes upgrades to existing infrastructure where required.

Standardising operations, supply and maintenance, will deliver a higher level of customer service to customers and ensure everyone receives utility-standard operations and consumer protections, regardless of where they live.

    What's happening now

    Making headway

    Works are underway or completed in 11 of the 13 communities involved in our Aboriginal Community Embedded Networks project.

    Buttah Windee and Woodgamia, located in the Gascoyne Mid West region, are up next. Works are due for completion across all communities by December this year.

    What's happening now

    East Kimberley

    Our team began network upgrades in the East Kimberly communities in early September, and continue to make great progress.

    Upgrades in all East Kimberley communities are underway and nearing completion.

    What's happening now

    Works wrapped up

    West Kimberley community upgrades in Joy Springs, Karnparrmi, Koongie Park, Gillarong and Loanbun are all wrapped up.

    Our Kimberley-based contractor, Vision Power, has upgraded streetlights, replaced cables, poles and pillars, and more.

    We’ve also taken ownership of the networks, which means if there’s a fault, customers in these communities can now call us for support on 13 23 51.

    What's happening now

    Smarter, brighter, safer

    Did you know we’re installing 53kW LED streetlights across the communities as a part of our electrical infrastructure upgrades?

    These lights don’t just reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions, they also significantly improve night-time visibility, making the communities safer for road users and pedestrians.

    What's happening now

    Inspections underway

    We kicked off pre-works and site inspections in the first week of March in Mud Springs, Emu Creek, Munthanmarr and Bell Springs, all in the East Kimberley.

    Our contracted electricians inspected house meter panels and remedied minor electrical issues so they can issue safety certificates.

    See our works schedule

    What's happening now

    Keeping it local

    We’re pleased to announce that we’ve awarded local sparkies Arc Electrical, DJ Rivers Electrical and Greenhill Electrical the electrical services contracts for this exciting project.

    Greenhill Electrical, based in Kalgoorlie, will service the communities located around the Goldfields Esperance region, and Kimberley locals Arc Electrical and DJ Rivers Electrical will look after our Kimberley communities.

    What does this mean for my community?

    Reliable Connectivity
    Modern infrastructure and maintenance ensure a reliable power supply
    Predictable Energy Costs
    You pay the same flat rate energy charge, regardless of where you live
    Outage Support
    Help is always at hand through the new 24/7 faults and outages line
    Indigenous Focus
    Work in tandem with communities to provide opportunities
    Consumer Protection
    You're protected by the Small Use Customer Code and Standard Form Contract