47 locations across WA


$9.9 million

Key Dates :

Commencing September 2020

Benefits :

Reliable, safe off-grid power supply for customers in remote locations.

Project overview

The more remote the location, the more critical it is to have a safe, reliable source of power. These standalone power systems will operate independently from the main electricity network and provide renewable energy via solar panels, battery storage, an inverter and a backup generator. Each system will be customised to the needs of our end-of-grid customers.

Not only are these systems cleaner and greener, they’re safer too. With no poles and wires to maintain, they reduce the risk of bushfires and minimise farming hazards.

    What's happening now

    Customer approvals

    We’ve identified all 45 preferred SPS sites across our regions, and we are now engaging with customers to get their final confirmation to install the systems.

    What's happening now

    Installations starting soon

    The first Renew the regions SPS installations will be commencing in early 2021.

    What's happening now

    Units and training underway

    CPS have started assembly of SPS units and training of linesmen from Esperance, Port Hedland and Karratha has begun.

    What does this mean for my community?

    Reduced Carbon Emissions
    Will save approximately ~128,950 CO2-e a year compared to a traditional network.
    Community First
    Creates local jobs through the delivery phase of the project.
    Safer Communities
    With no dangerous poles or wires to inspect or maintain, it reduces the fire risk for communities and improves safety for employees.
    Greater Reliability
    Reduces the risk of unplanned outages from several days a year, to less than 30 minutes a year.