Shire of Derby & Derby Hospital


$5.2 million

Key Dates :

Planning, design and procurement by end of Dec 2020. Installation and commissioning by June 2021

Benefits :

Reduce energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve town infrastructure and identify streetlight outages in real time. Improve liveability and safety in Derby, particularly in the evenings.

Project overview

The Shire of Derby’s remoteness and rugged environment make it a difficult and expensive region to supply energy to. By installing a roof-mounted solar PV system and a renewable energy smoothing battery at the Derby Hospital, and roof-mounted solar PV systems across the Shire’s portfolio of buildings, we will dramatically reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

When the sun goes down, we will still help the Shire save by converting their 827 streetlights to energy-efficient smart LED streetlights. In addition to improving night-time visibility, smart lights allow us to monitor outages and optimise streetlight performance in real-time.


    What's happening now

    827 smart LED streetlights

    We began installing new smart LED lights across Derby in mid-February.

    827 energy-efficient lights will be installed by the end of the project, costing the Shire less to run than traditional streetlights.

    The lights are also brighter and more reliable than the old ones, and they’ll help to make Derby a cleaner, greener, safer and more liveable town.

    What's happening now

    Local contracts

    In January, we awarded Derby locals, Remote Solar Solutions, the contract to install 300kW of rooftop solar on Shire of Derby/West Kimberley buildings, including a solar shade shelter that will be going up at the Derby Pool.

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    What's happening now

    13 solar systems

    We’ll be working with Remote Solar Solutions to install 13 solar systems on Shire buildings throughout 2021.

    The solar systems will save the Shire more than $130,000 in electricity costs each year and reduce greenhouse emissions by more than 230 tonnes per year.

    What does this mean for my community?

    Energy Savings
    Delivers significant energy bill savings that can be reinvested into healthcare and community services.
    Environmentally Friendly
    Delivers a cleaner, greener energy supply to reduce the Shire's carbon footprint.
    Community First
    Creates local jobs during the delivery phase and frees up budget for more community services.
    Improved Safety
    Safer streets at night due to more reliable street lighting and faster outage response times.