$2.96 milion

Key Dates :

Staff recruitment November 2020. Operational from December 2020. Open to the public March 2021

Benefits :

  • Local service and face-to-face energy advice
  • Creation of new jobs in Broome

Project overview

No one understands the challenges of living in the regions like a local. They’re able to understand and empathise with the extreme temperatures, tropical cyclones and flooding, and the effects they have on your power supply and bills. That’s why in order to serve you better, we’re relocating our contact service centre from Melbourne to downtown Chinatown in Broome.

Our new Customer Experience Centre will create jobs as we use local businesses for the design, construction and fit-out. We will employ ten new full-time staff from the community, including two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees.

Whether you’re able to visit our new centre or not, you’ll receive helpful service from West Aussies who are here, on the ground, working to help you.

    What's happening now

    Contracts awarded to locals

    We’re pleased to announce that Broome company, H&M Tracey, have been awarded the contract to fit out our new centre.

    They’ll work on the designs created by local architects, NBC Aboriginal Corporation, to make our state-of-the-art customer experience centre come to life.

    What's happening now

    New recruits taking calls

    Two Computershare staff have temporarily relocated to Broome to train up and support six new local call centre recruits, including two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees.

    The new recruits have been taking calls from our customers since late November and are currently responding to more than 45 per cent of our overall call volumes.

    What's happening now

    Opening soon

    Our new customer experience centre will be located at Paspaley Plaza in Broome’s Chinatown, and is scheduled to open by April 2021.

    What does this mean for my community?

    Face-to-Face Support
    You'll have the opportunity to talk about your energy needs in person
    Community First
    Creates ten full time jobs in Broome and employs local suppliers and trades
    ATSI Commitment
    Creates at least two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traineeships
    Local Expertise
    You'll speak to locals who understand your unique circumstances